FAQs on Hiring Remote Dev

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a project and need a remote dev team or developers, please fill out this form: Hire a developer

You can tell us of your requirements, and we will begin screening top talent in India from our network of software engineers. Once the candidates have been shortlisted, they will go through a thorough vetting process before being finalized. To know more about our screening process, check e{dev} vetting process

You may take part in the hiring process and finalize the candidates. Once the hiring decision is made, we will offer the position and onboard them to start working on your project.
As we hire specifically for you to fulfill the project objectives, it will take some time to identify the perfect candidate with the necessary skills and expertise. We usually take 2 – 4 weeks to hire our remote developers.

Unlike other hiring platforms that simply provide a list of developer profiles, we at e{dev} screen the candidate profiles, carefully evaluate the prospects, and meet their expectations in order to onboard them for the position.
No, we do not hire contract developers or freelancers. This will prevent developers from working on numerous projects at the same time, which might lead to IP and data security concerns. Because our developers are hired exclusively for your project, they become an extension of your team and are only focused on developing your product.
We exclusively hire remote developers from India because of the availability of an excellent talent pool, proven engineering skills, competitive price, a convenient time zone, no language barrier, and more. To know more: why tech companies prefer India
Edev provides end-to-end solutions to help tech companies of all sizes in hiring, developing, and managing remote dev teams in India. Other hiring platforms only offer self-service portals for employers and candidates to interact, whereas e{dev} provides white glove service.

Complete hiring (sourcing, screening, and matching the profiles for the role), onboarding employees, handling payroll, HR, and IT support, and offering employee benefits in accordance with local labor laws are all part of white glove service. Based on our clients’ needs, we also provide Employer of Record (EoR) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services.
We have a robust vetting process in place that involves comprehensive technical and behavioral evaluation. The candidates are put through a live coding challenge, a tech stack assessment, experience validation, and personality and soft skills testing. After they clear these assessments, we conduct background checks and get final approval from the client.
We have rock-solid contracts and NDAs in place to secure your data and intellectual property. There is no risk of data breach because all our employees follow stringent security protocols.
You hold the legal rights to all paid work done for your project. We have contracts that are in accordance with local laws, which all of our developers must comply. You can trust e{dev} because we prioritize maintaining the confidentiality of your project.
We offer personalized white glove service to all of our clients and hire the perfect edevelopers for your project. We scour and screen prospective candidates from all over the country, thoroughly vet them for the role, and bring them on-board. Our local HR experts ensure that they are hired and integrated into your team. We handle the end-to-end hiring process along with payroll, accounts, IT and HR support.
You will be a part of the recruiting process, and we value all client feedback. If you are not pleased, you can let us know and we will halt the screening process for that candidate and move on to the next prospect who meets your requirements.
In the PEO service, we help you in setting up an entity in India and managing administrative, legal, and compliance services. With our EoR solution, we help you in legally hiring developers and managing your dev team in India without the need for an entity. Both EoR and PEO services include IT support, HR activities such as payroll, attendance, tax deductions, benefits, performance management, and so on. To learn more about our EoR and PEO solutions, contact us
Yes. We provide personalized service based on your specifications. You can reach us for enquiries at sales@edev.com
We offer affiliate white label solutions to clients who need tech support for their client projects.
To know more, read white label solution

We recruit remote developers based on their technical skill set and experience level, so hiring charges may vary. However, we will provide you with an upfront price plan that includes all of the information. Custom plans are available based on the additional services you request.
For pricing, reach us at sales@edev.com

No, there is no trial period. Clients are involved at all stages of the hiring process, and we always seek their confirmation before beginning EoR or PEO services for their remote teams. Clients do not have to worry about the service they receive and can instead focus on developing their product.

We offer various pricing plans depending on the services you choose. For more information, you can write to us at sales@edev.com