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PEO - Solving Cross Border Employment Complexities And Risks

We Make Growing Your Remote Team Effortless!

Setting up your Entity

We are here to help you set up your entity in India and handle your company registration, banking setup, accounting, bookkeeping, audit, tax and corporate compliance.

Administrative Services

We also offer all the administrative services such as hiring, employee benefits, payroll, taxes, HR compliances, IT asset management, insurance policies and more as a part of PEO.
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Why should companies use PEO?

When establishing a business entity in another country, PEO services are often the best choice.

Grow Business

Growing your business

Companies that use a PEO service benefit from increased efficiency, integrated technology, and a decreased burn rate. A PEO also assists its clients in complying with complicated and ever-changing local labor laws and compliances. While our PEO service handles hiring and other employee responsibilities, clients can focus on growing their businesses.

A new standard in PEO service

Whether you want to expand your business globally or hire employees overseas, our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions can assist you in setting up and managing your business entity in India.

Our services include entity setup, company registration, accounting, bookkeeping, internal audit, annual tax filing, financial statements, statutory returns, adhere to local regulations, Legal framework including laws and regulations pertaining to the local environment.
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Entity Setup
Entity Setup
Banking Setup
Accounting and Finance
Corporate Compliance

How Does Our PEO Service Work?

Peo Service
You can contact us with your PEO service needs, and we will evaluate what has to be done to set up your business entity and create a strategy. Following your approval, we will form an entity in India for your firm and assume responsibility for managing your employees and legal compliance. The PEO solution also includes all the administrative services stated in the EOR service.

If you prefer to have your entity set up in India, then you can choose the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service from e{dev}.