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At e{dev}, we help you identify your superpower, nurture it, and let it bring out the best in you.

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Our e{dev} wizards are

Developers who are proactive and eager to work on challenging projects. Learn, update, and stay on top of the tech game. They are achievers who will not give up until they accomplish. They have the mindset of asking how rather than why. Bringing fresh perspectives to the table and giving their best to each initiative.

Cultural Fit

When making a Career With edev we firmly believe that attitude is everything. Hiring at e-Dev is also focused on whether a candidate is a good cultural fit. Our five E’s of Cultural Fit are:

Leadership 1


Enables others to achieve goals, be it clients, colleagues or friends.
Creativity 1


Passion for learning new things. Exhibits positive energy.
Efficiency 1


Knows how to get things done quickly and with high quality. Knows how to prioritize tasks and communicate clearly.
Willpower 1


Handles stressful situations well and stays positive through it. Does not give up when faced with obstacles.
Share Love 1


Is resolute and has depth and firmness in his words and actions.
Does what he/she says.

Open positions

To be considered for any positions not listed here, please submit your resume to hr@edev.com.

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