Build Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Get Minimum Viable Product Services
Are you a startup with the vision to create a game-changing software product? We help you create your product prototype, build a robust architecture, and develop it for fundraising so that you can transform your product into a brand.

Startup DNA - The founders of e{dev} are no strangers to Startups.

Startup DNA
We’ve been founding partners of startups before, so we understand tech startups and can better help you.

We offer our years of expertise and knowledge to assist startups in creating their dream projects from its inception.


At e{dev}, we will listen to you, understand your idea and help you identify your Minimum Viable Product.



We assist you in developing a systematic plan for creating a functioning prototype.


Our engineers will bring your idea to life by applying strong software principles.


We will help you scale to fit your client’s demands and provide technical guidance.

Are you prepared to unleash your full potential?

We believe that startups have the potential to bring about positive change, and we want to see you make it happen! We offer our expertise and innovative solutions to help you create something top-notch.
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