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Smart Brands that trust e{dev}

CEO & Founder
CEO & FounderRunway2Street
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We were able to hire dedicated engineering talent through eDev to build our world-class products with a significantly reduced burn rate.
CEO & Founder
CEO & FounderParllay
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Thanks to eDev, we were able to scale our engineering efforts while not losing focus on our product. They deal with the hassle of finding great talent and providing all the infrastructure needed to make the team successful. It really is an extension of your team and it is like having another office location. Now you too can tap into top-notch talent in India similar to other larger companies such as Facebook, Microsft, Google and Amazon do. It's refreshing for startups!
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e{dev} has been a catalyst in Saw's growth, offering streamlined remote development services. Their platform simplified team management and the dedicated remote developers displayed unwavering commitment, surpassing traditional freelancers. Notably, e{dev}'s pricing has been a game-changer for us, allowing us to maximize value without compromising on quality. Saw values e{dev} as a crucial partner in our ongoing success.
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Before discovering, finding a skilled senior developer for our startup would take months. But with, the time taken to hire a developer has drastically reduced. Their meticulous vetting process connects us with senior developers who not only have exceptional skills but also a deep understanding of the startup environment. The platform streamlines everything from timesheet management to real-time productivity tracking, and paying invoices is incredibly easy. What's more, their support team is always available, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. I wish I had found them earlier.
Founder & CEO
Founder & CEOAGHG
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eDev has been a game-changer for us. Hiring and managing an offshore team can be challenging and we were struggling to find the right candidates to beef up our product management and engineering teams. eDev helped us pick the right people, implement structure, and keep track of how well they were doing. This way, we not only hired the right folks but also made sure they did their best for us.
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Eureka greatly appreciates e{dev}'s services. Their rapid scaling capabilities and flexible hiring model have been instrumental in driving our project's success. The collaborative culture and efficient platform provided by e{dev} have significantly contributed to our business growth.

Hire remote developers with e{dev} to harness the true potential of remote teams

Unleash your business’s potential with the best developers sourced from India and Latin America. 
We offer a suite of solutions that empower you to hire remote developers and manage your remote dev teams efficiently.
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Dev Team

Hire full-time on-demand developers as contractors

Pay by the hour

Effortlessly Hire and manage dedicated remote developers from India and Latin America for your project


Employer of Record (EOR)

Hire full-time remote developers as employees

Pay a fixed monthly fee

Streamline Recruitment, Payroll, Benefits, Compliance and Employee management without setting up an entity abroad

{ We Deliver Your Ideal Dev Team }

Experience the power of a fully integrated
remote team management solution

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and platforms

Streamline your remote team management with our seamless all-in-one console


Hire Deeply Vetted Developers

Exclusive hires tailored to your requirements.

  • Role & Expertise
  • Tech Stack
  • Time zone overlap
  • Full-time engagement

Streamline Payments

Consolidate all payments into a single invoice, and we can take care of paying all your remote teams while ensuring 100% compliance.

  • Single invoice
  • Pay in USD
  • Pay only for what you use

Simplify Payroll & Benefits

Experience the convenience of providing accurate and timely compensation, complemented by enhanced benefits, for your remote teams.

  • User-friendly platform
  • Save time & Mitigate risks
  • Retain top talent

Monitor Productivity 

Gain visibility into the work of remote developers like never before.

  • Track time & attendance
  • Monitor performance
  • Access productivity reports
Simplify Global
  • Hiring
  • Payroll
  • Team Management

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