Navigating Global Talent: Top Countries To Hire The Best Remote Developers

In today’s rapidly evolving tech industry, the dynamics of remote work have become pivotal, reshaping the traditional paradigms of talent acquisition. The surge in remote work practices has not only altered the way companies operate but has also significantly impacted how they source and collaborate with top-tier software developers.

In the ever-evolving tech industry, the quest for the best remote developers across borders has become a cornerstone for companies aiming to leverage the expertise of remote software developers. The decision to hire remote software developers is shaped by various factors, including a country’s abundance of skilled professionals, a robust technical education system, and a favorable cost of living. Time zone overlap and language proficiency also play pivotal roles in influencing hiring strategies. This blog explores some of the emerging markets that are the top countries to hire the best remote developers. We shall also delve into why India and Latin America stand out as key players in finding top-tier remote developers in this dynamic landscape.

Exploring the best countries to hire software engineers

India Icon

India: A Powerhouse of Talent

India, renowned as a global technology hub, boasts a vast pool of highly skilled software developers. The country’s strength lies in its robust technical education system, thriving startup culture, and cost-effective advantage. Indian developers are not only proficient in English but also showcase adaptability and innovation. The cost-effective advantage, coupled with a favorable exchange rate, enables access to high-quality or best remote developers at a lower cost.

India’s impact on the global tech stage extends beyond project success. Many Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft boast exceptional developers of Indian origin, with several ascending to leadership positions. CEOs and COOs with Indian roots have steered top companies, emphasizing not only the technical prowess fostered in the Indian tech ecosystem but also the leadership skills that have propelled these professionals to the forefront of innovation on a global scale. This trend further solidifies India’s position as a hub for both exceptional developers and influential leaders in the tech industry.

Top Indian Professionals Working Remotely
  • Senior Software Developer Salary Range: $15,000 – $30,000 per year 
  • Time Zone: India Standard Time (UTC+5:30)
  • Top Programming Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript
  • IT Population: Over 5 million professionals
  • Majority of IT Pros Have Expertise in Full-Stack Development, Web development, Mobile app development 


Note: the salary range mentioned is just an approximate number based on data available on the web. Actual will slightly vary depending on the years of experience and expertise. This approximate range is for senior or experienced developers and not for freshers.


  • Robust technical education system 
  • Thriving startup culture
  • Extensive pool of skilled software developers
  • Cost-effective advantage with a favorable exchange rate
  • English proficiency facilitates effective global communication
  • Proven track record of successful projects on a global scale



  • Intense competition for top talent
  • Navigating different legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Navigating diverse cultural nuances within the country


Success story – Hire Developers in India

Saw, a technology brokerage firm chose to expand its dev team with high-quality engineers but cost-effectively. They collaborated with e{dev} to hire the best remote developers from India. The collaboration not only reduced costs and enhanced productivity but also significantly contributed to resource retention, showcasing the holistic advantages of Saw’s decision to embrace remote developers. 

Success Story of Hiring Indian Developers

Latin America Icon

Countries in Latin America: Favourable Time Zone Hub

Latin America, represented by countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, offers unique advantages for nearshore collaboration. Highly skilled developers, proficient in English, contribute to a dynamic talent pool. Success stories highlight efficient communication due to the maximum time zone overlap with the United States and Europe, fostering seamless collaboration. Companies leveraging Latin American talent often find a winning combination of cost-effectiveness and high-quality work.

Find the Best Developers in Latin America
  • Senior Software Developer Salary Range: $30,000 to $50,000 per year
  • Time Zones: Brazil – UTC-3 to UTC-5, Argentina – UTC-3, Mexico – UTC-6 to UTC-8
  • Top Programming Languages: JavaScript, Java, Python
  • IT Population: Brazil – 1.5 million, Argentina – 330,000, Mexico – 800,000
  • Majority of IT Pros Have Expertise in Web development, Mobile App Development, Cloud Computing 



  • Highly skilled developers with proficiency in English.
  • Nearshore teams provide a geographic advantage.
  • Maximum time zone overlaps with the United States and Europe..
  • Cost-effectiveness combined with high-quality work.



  • Navigating different legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Potential language variations lead to occasional communication challenges.
  • Differences in business practices and cultural nuances.


Success story – Hire LATAM Developers

Choprak, a software consulting company based in the UK, partnered with eDev to hire senior developers from Latin America. Initially, they found it very difficult to find the right fit for their projects and it was a time-consuming process. After partnering with eDev, their projects greatly benefited from the exceptional skills of the best remote developers from LATAM who understood the startup environment very well and helped deliver projects on time.

Hear the Success Story of Hiring Developers from Latam

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe: A Hub of Technical Excellence

Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Poland, and Romania, are known for their technical excellence. Developers from this region often possess strong educational backgrounds and offer cost-effective solutions compared to Western Europe. Success stories showcase the region’s ability to deliver sophisticated software solutions, making it a preferred destination for companies seeking skilled developers.

Witness the Rapid Growth of Remote Work in Eastern Europe
  • Senior Software Developer Salary Range: $50,000 to $80,000 per year
  • Time Zones: UTC+2
  • Top Programming Languages: Java, Python, C++
  • IT Population: Over 1 million professionals
  • Majority of IT Pros Have Expertise in Backend Development, Embedded systems, Game Development 



  • Technical excellence with a strong educational backgrounds.
  • Cost-effective solutions compared to Western Europe.
  • Successful track record in delivering sophisticated software solutions.
  • Availability of a skilled workforce with diverse expertise.



  • Limited English proficiency in some areas.
  • Navigating diverse cultural norms within Eastern Europe.
  • Potential challenges in communication strategies.
  • Not as cost-effective as India or Latin America.


Success story – Hire developers in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania

GitLab, a US-based open-source software company, boasts a fully remote workforce spread across 68 countries. Among their team members, a significant portion hail from Eastern European nations like Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. 

Initially, they were confined to a specific location, and they struggled to find developers with the specialized skills they needed. Additionally, high operational costs in traditional office spaces hindered their growth.

The influx of remote talent from Eastern Europe fostered a culture of diverse thinking, and reduced operational expenses, allowing GitLab to allocate more resources toward product development and talent acquisition. By embracing the best remote developers, they were able to access a wider talent pool, optimize costs, foster innovation, and achieve remarkable success.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia: Emerging Talent Hotspots

Tech companies are increasingly turning to Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines to tap into their growing pool of talented developers. The relatively low cost of living in these countries makes them attractive for companies focused on managing costs while accessing quality talent. Southeast Asian developers often bring fresh perspectives to global projects, contributing to the region’s appeal for companies seeking innovative solutions.

Emerging Talent Around Southeast Asia
  • Senior Software Developer Salary Range: $25,000 to $50,000 per year
  • Time Zones: UTC+7 to UTC+8
  • Top Programming Languages: Java, Python, PHP
  • IT Population: Over 2 million professionals
  • Majority of IT Pros Have Expertise in Web Development, Mobile App Development 



  • Rapidly evolving tech landscape.
  • Cost-effective solutions and innovative perspectives.
  • Emerging market attracting attention for talent acquisition.



  • Limited or growing talent pool.
  • Developing infrastructure.
  • Potential time zone differences affecting collaboration.
  • Varied cultural landscapes requiring adaptation strategies.


Success story – Hire Developers in Vietnam

Founded in 2005, Automattic, the company behind, defied conventional business norms by embracing a fully remote work model and global talent pool. Facing limitations in the US market, they discovered talent in Vietnamese developers, who offered specialized skills, diverse perspectives, and cost-effectiveness. These remote developers allowed Automattic to scale efficiently, foster innovation, and build a thriving Vietnamese team that significantly contributes to their platform’s development.


Israel: Innovation and Technical Prowess

Israel has carved a niche for itself in the tech industry, known for its strong technical education and vibrant startup ecosystem. The country’s time zone alignment with Europe and the United States further enhances its attractiveness as a hub for talented software developers. The country’s developers, with expertise, innovation, and favorable time zones, make Israel an attractive destination for companies aiming for excellence.

Israel Ranked 2nd Globally in Terms of Innovation & Technical Prowess
  • Senior Software Developer Salary Range: $80,000 to $120,000 per year
  • Time Zones: UTC+2
  • Top Programming Languages: Python, Java, C++
  • IT Population: Over 80,000 professionals
  • Majority of IT Pros Have Expertise in Cybersecurity, AI/ML



  • Known for innovation and technical prowess.
  • Strong technical education 
  • Alignment with U.S. and European time zones.
  • Talent pool with a focus on excellence.



  • Higher living costs may impact budget considerations.
  • Smaller talent pool compared to India and LATAM.
  • Balancing innovation with potential budget constraints.


Success Story – Hire developers in Israel

Founded in 2009, Mobilewalla, a leading provider of location intelligence data and analytics, has thrived by hiring remote developers from Israel.  Mobilewalla faced challenges finding developers with the specific skillsets they needed in Silicon Valley. The competitive tech talent market in Silicon Valley drove up recruitment costs significantly. That is when they turned to Israel, known for its strong startup ecosystem and talented tech workforce, and discovered a wealth of highly skilled and motivated developers. Compared to US developers, Israeli developers offered competitive rates, allowing Mobilewalla to manage costs effectively while attracting high-quality talent. Mobilewalla now has a large and active team of Israeli developers who play a crucial role in product development and innovation.  

Top Countries To Hire The Best Remote Developers – A Comparison

FactorIndiaLatin AmericaEastern EuropeSoutheast AsiaIsrael
Talent PoolExtensive pool of highly skilled developersSkilled developers with diverse talent poolStrong technical education and workforceGrowing pool of talented developersInnovation and technical prowess
Time Zone OverlapAligns well with Europe and parts of the U.S.Maximum time zone overlap with the United StatesMaximum time zone overlap with Western EuropePotential challenges for 24/7 operationsPotential for 24/7 operations
English ProficiencyProficient in EnglishProficient in EnglishLow English proficiency in certain regionsGenerally proficient in EnglishProficient in English
Cultural AdaptabilityDevelopers known for cultural adaptability and collaboration with global teamsShared cultural influence, adaptabilityCultural diversity, adaptabilityDiverse cultural landscape, adaptabilityDiverse cultural landscape, innovation focus
Startup CultureThriving startup ecosystemEmerging startup cultureGrowing innovation hubsRapidly evolving tech landscapeKnown for innovation and startup ecosystem
Educational SystemRobust technical education systemVaries by country, with efforts to enhance technical educationStrong emphasis on technical educationGrowing emphasis on tech educationStrong technical education system
Global Collaboration SkillsKnown for working effectively with teams from diverse backgroundsEfficient collaboration with global clients and team membersCultural adaptability, collaboration skillsIncreasingly collaborating on global projectsActive participation in global collaborations
Proven Tech TalentDemonstrated tech prowess on a global scaleIncreasing recognition for tech talent with contributions to global projectsProven expertise in software developmentGrowing recognition for tech talentStrong reputation for innovation and tech expertise
Time-Tested Quality of DevelopersRich history of producing high-quality software developersStrong emphasis on continuous learning and skill developmentTime-tested expertise in software developmentDeveloping reputation for quality developmentKnown for high-quality and innovative development
Cost EffectivenessMost cost-effective without compromising on quality, Low cost of livingCost-effective solutions without compromising on qualityCompetitive PricingCost effective, Low cost of livingHigher average salaries
Offshore Teams for Round-the-Clock OperationStrategic time zone advantage allows round-the-clock operationsMaximum time zone overlap ensures real-time collaboration during business hoursPotential for 24/7 operations with certain regionsChallenges for 24/7 operationsPotential for 24/7 operations with certain regions

India and Latin America Leading the Pack as the Top Countries to Hire The Best Remote Developers

India and Latin America, Leading Countries to Hire The Best Remote Developers

Why Hire Developers From India and Latin America?

The decision to hire remote employees from India and Latin America is driven by compelling factors that extend beyond cost savings. Both regions offer a winning combination of expertise, proven tech talent, and seamless collaboration. We have already discussed the advantages and challenges of hiring remote developers from India and Latin America but let’s delve deeper into what makes India and Latin America stand out from the rest.

India Has Proven Tech Talent and Global Leadership

India has earned its reputation as a global tech powerhouse, with a proven track record of producing exceptional IT professionals. The country has been a breeding ground for talent that has not only excelled on a global scale but has also taken leadership roles in some of Silicon Valley’s giants. The presence of CEOs and COOs of Indian origin in major tech companies highlights the depth of talent and leadership skills cultivated in the Indian tech ecosystem.

India has emerged as a top destination for hiring remote developers, owing to a multitude of factors that collectively create a conducive environment for tech companies seeking talent. Let’s delve into the key factors that make India an attractive hub to hire the best remote developers.

Large Pool of Developers:

India’s vast population contributes to a sizable talent pool, providing a diverse range of skills and expertise.
The abundance of developers ensures a broad spectrum of specialization, allowing companies to find the right fit for their specific project requirements.

English Proficiency:

Indian developers are proficient in English, facilitating effective communication with global clients and team members.
English fluency is a crucial asset in the tech industry, ensuring clarity in project discussions, documentation, and collaboration.

Time-Tested Quality of Software Developers:

India has a rich history of producing high-quality software developers with a strong emphasis on problem-solving and innovation.
The time-tested expertise of Indian developers is reflected in their ability to deliver robust solutions that meet international standards.

Ability to Work with People from All Over the World:

Indian developers are known for their cultural adaptability and ability to collaborate with teams from diverse backgrounds.
This flexibility fosters a harmonious working environment, enabling effective cross-cultural collaboration on global projects.

Thriving Startup Ecosystem:

India boasts a dynamic and thriving startup culture, providing developers with opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects.
The startup ecosystem encourages creativity, innovation, and a proactive approach to problem-solving among Indian developers.

Proven Tech Talent:

Indian developers have demonstrated their tech prowess on a global scale, contributing significantly to the success of multinational companies.
The track record of Indian tech talent in major technological advancements adds to the country’s appeal as a hub for the best remote developers.

Strong Education System:

India’s robust education system, particularly in the fields of engineering and computer science, ensures a steady supply of well-educated and skilled professionals.
Universities and institutions across the country produce developers with a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Offshore Teams Facilitating Round-the-Clock Operation:

The strategic time zone advantage allows Indian developers to facilitate round-the-clock operations when collaborating with teams across different continents.
The availability of skilled developers at different times ensures continuous progress and efficient handovers, optimizing project timelines.


One of the most significant factors contributing to India’s popularity for remote hiring is its cost-effectiveness.
The lower cost of living, coupled with a favorable exchange rate, allows companies to access high-quality talent at a comparatively lower cost.

Top Factors Making India Best Place To Hire Remote Developers

Latin America Has Nearshore Teams and Maximum Time Zone Overlap

Latin America, with countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, offers a unique advantage for companies seeking nearshore teams. The favorable time zone overlap with the United States ensures maximum collaboration efficiency, making it an attractive option for seamless teamwork. Latin America has emerged as a compelling destination for remote hiring, offering a unique blend of skills, communication capabilities, and geographical proximity. Here are the key factors that make Latin America an attractive hub for hiring the best remote developers:
Highly Skilled Talent Pool:
Latin America boasts a highly skilled talent pool with developers well-versed in the latest technologies and industry best practices. The region’s emphasis on continuous learning and skill development ensures a workforce capable of meeting diverse project requirements.
English Proficiency:
Latin American developers demonstrate proficiency in English, facilitating clear communication and collaboration with clients and global team members. Strong language skills contribute to effective project discussions, documentation, and seamless integration into international teams.
Nearshore Teams:
Latin America offers nearshore teams, providing a geographic advantage for companies seeking closer collaboration with their development partners. Proximity reduces communication barriers and enhances real-time interaction, fostering a more efficient and dynamic working relationship.
Maximum Time Zone Overlap:
Latin American developers provide maximum time zone overlap with the United States, ensuring real-time collaboration during business hours. The favorable time zone alignment enhances communication efficiency, allowing for prompt responses and streamlined project workflows.
Latin America is known for offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of work. The region’s competitive pricing, coupled with the expertise of its developers, makes it an attractive choice for companies focused on optimizing costs.
Top Factors Making Latam Best Place To Hire Developers
As the trend of hiring remote employees continues to shape the future of work, tech companies will persist in seeking ways to optimize costs and identify the best talent. India and Latin America are poised to maintain their status as two of the leading sources of remote workers for U.S. tech companies, offering a winning combination of expertise, cost-effectiveness, and seamless collaboration. e{Dev} stands as your gateway to global talent, positioned to assist in hiring from fast-growing tech economies like India and Latin America.