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We will help you find a dedicated, high-caliber e{dev} team matched to your requirement. With Dev Team, you can hire dedicated, remote developers in India who will become a natural extension of your team and be vested in the success of your product.

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Dedicated, High-Caliber e{dev} Team Matched To Your Requirement
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Simple Solution To Hiring Remote Developers In India

Building remote dev teams outside of the united states can be challenging for many reasons, such as the long recruitment process, onboarding process, providing IT assets and hardware, complying with local labor laws, background verification, payroll, taxation, securing IP and data, legal compliance and so on.

Let us handle it for you!

Instead of hiring freelancers or contract developers and dealing with intermediaries to manage your team, choose e{dev}, the most effective approach to building your software. We are experts in finding India’s top talent, thoroughly vetting them, matching their expectations, and bringing them on board.
Simple Solution
When you hire a remote developer through e{dev}, you will
Reduce Burn

Reduce burn rate
by upto 70%

More Control

Have more

Protect Data

Protect your
IP and data

Lower Employee

Lower employee

Why Smart Tech Brands Hire From India


6 Million Developers

In India, 1.5 million software engineers graduate each year. India now has over 6 million developers. By 2024, India will have the world’s largest developer population.


Competitive Pricing

India’s average developer rates are more competitive in comparison to other countries in Eastern Europe, Latam, and even several other countries in Asia.

Proven Engineering Talent

It is a well established fact that India is a hotspot for hiring top talent. Fortune 500 companies are setting up offices and establishing a strong presence in India in order to recruit developers.
Round Clock

Round The Clock Operation

There is a 9 to 12-hour time difference. This is advantageous because if you plan your work well, you will have almost a 24 hour dev cycle in the day.

Talent Pool

Rich Talent Pool

Indian developers are proficient in all the major technologies such as Big Data, Data Science, Web and Mobile Apps, Cloud, Distributed Systems, SaaS, Rest, GraphQL, Test Automation and more.


World Class Universities

India boasts top-notch tech universities such as IITs, BITS-Pilani, NITs, VIT, Anna University, and others, creating skilled and talented software engineers.

2nd Largest

India is the 2nd largest english speaking country in the world. A good portion of Indians are fluent in English.

Cream Of The Crop

Indian CEOs lead some of the world’s smart tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Adobe, IBM, and others.

Let’s Power Up Your Business!

Hire . Scale . Empower

Power Business
Access our elite network of tech talent to create a remote team of developers, data engineers, testing and automation specialists, project managers and more.

Our remote developers have experience with different work environments, and they can seamlessly adapt to yours. They all come from an agile product development background and are typically well-versed in project management, and source control technologies.

We have been empowering software teams to deliver great products, really fast with huge savings, for years now. With access to the biggest talent pool of remote developers and IT professionals in India, we are confident we can do the same for you!

How We Hire

Scale Up Your Dev Team In 3 Easy Steps


Talk to Us

Give us a detailed specification to let us know what you require. Our top brass will contact you to better understand your needs and give you the best choices.


Hire The Best

We will scour our network to find the perfect match for you. You may participate in the vetting process as we examine qualified candidates.


Get Started

As soon as you review and sign-off on candidates, they will fully integrate into your team. Your new remote resource will either work remotely or from one of our collaborative office spaces, based on your preference.

Our Thorough Vetting Process

Over the years we’ve refined our technical screening process and have learned what works & what doesn’t.
Our vetting process includes the following steps:

Skill Development

Personality and Soft Skills Test

Live Coding

Live Coding Challenge


Experience Validation

Tech Stack

Tech Stack Deep Dive

Our vetting process and interviews aim to simulate a day-to-day work scenario where the candidate is asked to solve problems. They are probed with real test projects with unexpected obstacles and are tested how they would cope with such situations.

Only the most skilled engineers are selected after a rigorous screening process. We exclusively employ developers that are at the top of their field and a good cultural fit. Finally, we hire employees who are agile, proactive, and driven to tackle issues.

Some of our dev team wizards

Motivated . Experienced . Adaptable . Consistent
Leons 1


Lead - Software Development Engineer
Drawing 7 red perpendicular lines 😀
Bala 1


Senior Software Development Engineer
"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you."
Ravi 1


Senior Software Development Engineer
If it involves coding and coffee, count me in


Senior Software Development Engineer
My mantra: “First, solve the problem; then, write the code.”
Midhun 1


Software Development Engineer
There's no place like


Software Development Engineer


Software Development Engineer
Export Success { Constant { PositiveLifeStyle } }


Senior Software Development Engineer
The ship in the harbor is .... - google to complete.
Diana 1


Web Developer
I love challenges and coffee. That's why I am here!


Software Development Engineer
Why Do We Fall? So We Can Learn to Pick Ourselves Up.


Software Development Engineer
Whatever happens, life must go on. Just enjoy the ride.


Software Development Engineer
If you stumble, make it part of the dance.

Why Businesses Choose to work with Dev Team

Every hire is made exclusively for you after developers clear our rigorous vetting process.
We exclusively hire senior e-developers with complete product cycle experience.
Several of our clients have received VC funding and have had big exits.
You have the flexibility to scale your team up or down.
Technical guidance in selecting the right software and tech stack.
Fixed fees so you don’t have to worry about taxes, benefits and insurance.
Simple contracts with transparent pricing. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime. There are no penalties for cancellation.
We take care of the hassles of recruiting, operations, and management so you can focus on the big picture.
Dedicated customer support via email, chat and call.

Hire the right edeveloper or dev team in less than 4 weeks and save up to 70% of your cost