Key things you need to know about ASP.NET CORE

After all the years of ASP.NET, Web Forms, and MVC, why did Microsoft take a leap towards the new ASP.NET Core 1.0, is the question that comes to anyone who takes a look at first? If the usage of Microsoft technologies is considered in the market, Windows desktop apps are reducing day by day and in mobile technologies, windows phones are in nowhere in comparison to android and iOS phones available in the market. Coming to the web platform, the only remaining Microsoft technology is ASP.NET and it is competing with Node.js, Ruby, PHP etc most of which are open sourced and has very good developer base.

Getting started with web development with ASP.NET is time-consuming and heavy. Visual studio has to be installed and the whole process to build and deploy the web application to the servers take more time compared to the open source web technologies. On top of this, to develop an web application, we need to use windows operating system and the web application can only be deployed on a windows machine having IIS. These were the major factors that forced Microsoft to come up with a better, lighter, faster and completely open sourced and platform independent technology.